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Winter Solstice Delving into the Deep Darkness to Bring on Your Light!

Tumultuous and uncertain times continue- calling on each and everyone of us to pay attention and give importance to the conscious focus, restoration, and renewal of our energy and self-care! The Winter Solstice in the northern hemisphere this week invites us- through the natural rhythm of Mother Nature- to settle into the long nights and quiet stillness within while awaiting and witnessing the return of longer days and more abundant light. Personally, I embrace each Winter Solstice as an annual invitation to 'RESET SELF'- to focus inward and reflect on how and with whom I am choosing to expend my energy and share my gifts and talents. Where and how is the highest and best expression of my "YES!" in the world, through my words, thoughts, and actions? Earlier this month I had the wonderful opportunity to provide my 2- day STRESSCARE Mastery Training to a group in Saskatchewan, Canada. While it seemed that I was abruptly and quickly initiated into the shorter days, longer nights, and bitter cold a few weeks early- I committed to 'walking my talk' by being present with my current experience. Even though I missed being outside and taking long walks, I relaxed, settled in, and savored the 'down time' in the evenings to reflect, reset, and restore my energy and focus before returning home to holiday preparation and activity. I offer to you this Solstice invitation...

  • Take time this week to pause in the holiday frenzy (if you are caught up in that) and simply observe your choices of time and energy expenditure. How can you let go of anything that does not bring meaning, satisfaction and fullness to your heart, while expanding your attention on 'life-nourishing choices?

  • Reflect back on the past year. What experiences and activities brought you joy, laughter, meaning, and a peaceful heart? In what way can you create more of that?

  • What individuals and relationships consistently brought out and nurtured the best in you? Are you dedicating ample time and attention to those people, or seeking those who do so?

  • How can you infuse some creativity and novelty into routine or mundane schedules or holiday plans?

  • How can you be more mindful and kind-full in the present moment in your thoughts, words, and actions?

  • How can you better give the gift of 'presence' to those you most love and care about? Feel your feet on the ground and be here in the now-be present.

We are all affecting the world every moment, whether we mean to or not. Our actions and states of mind MATTER because we are so deeply interconnected with one another.

Ram Dass Abundant love and blessings to you through the holidays and into the New Year! Carol

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