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The Art of Self-Health

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I'm Carol LaRue, an experienced author, speaker, group facilitator, and coach. With my unique background, I am ideally suited to and passionate about training individuals and groups in practices of self-care, resilience, mindfulness, emotional awareness, and balanced living- from the inside- out.

Stress, anxiety, overwhelm and/or burnout during these tumultuous times are calling all of us to return to loving and caring for our SELF. 

I believe that our body is a sacred vessel and wise messenger of imbalance and dis-ease.  Our job is to pay attention to it's signals and give attention to our multi-faceted being- creating resilience through mindfulness. 

Having navigated through several personal losses and health challenges over the years, I know first hand the joy of discovering and nurturing my resilient self. I continue committed to “walking my talk” by mindfully creating balance, joy and meaning in my own life, while supporting others in their journey.  I bring an honest sense of grounding, acceptance, and “real life practicality” into all of my teaching, training and coaching, with commitment to helping you increase energy, effectiveness, enjoyment, and ease in living fully!

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