The Art of Self-Health



I am Carol LaRue.  I am a licensed occupational therapist, international speaker and trainer, integrative wellness coach and author of the book, The Art of Self-Health, Creating Total Well-Being from the Inside Out.  I am the founder of LifeCentrics LLC, delivering consultation, training, and coaching for resilient living though mindfulness. 

I believe that our body is a sacred vessel for our time on this earth and our most wise and gentle messenger. In our journey to well-being, it is  our job to listen to our body and give loving attention to those messages!
My training and practice in the field of holistic health and wellness spans over 30 years and includes experience in providing various forms of mindful exercise and movement, stress management education and training, wellness coaching and training, and facilitating group retreats and workshops.

Having served in both traditional healthcare and public education, I have witnessed first hand the high levels of stress, anxiety and burnout in these service industry sectors.  My Growing into Mindfulness program focuses on creating mindful classrooms in our schools through training teachers, staff, and students, and my Self-Care for Healthcare training programs are designed to support healthcare personnel and organizations be healthier and more productive through more mindful work/life balance.
I know first hand the devastating impact that stress and challenging life events can have on our body, mind, and spirit, and have navigated through several personal losses and health challenges over the years. I am committed to “walking my talk” by creating balance, joy and meaning in my own life, while teaching and helping others do the same in their unique lives.  I bring an honest sense of grounding and “real life practicality” into all of my teaching, training and coaching, as my passion is in guiding both individuals and organizations in creating resilience to the stresses of life while increasing energy, effectiveness, enjoyment, and ease!