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Professional Attending a Seminar

Keynotes, Workshops, and Speaking Engagements

Carol provides engaging, interactive and informative presentations and training on a variety of topics while incorporating mindful choices into everyday self-care and resilience to the stressors of life.  Popular topics include:

  • 7 Keys for Fierce Resilience at Any Age or Stage of Life

  • STRESSCARE Mastery

  • Guts, Grace and Gratitude: Keys for Resilient and Radiant Aging

  • Chakra Wisdom: Activating Ancient Portals for Resilient Living 

  • The Magic of Mindfulness, Movement and Meditation

"It’s been a real pleasure to work with Carol both as a key note speaker and as a trainer. Her knowledge on StressCare and wellness is truly authentic and incredibly easy and practical to implement in the real world. Highly recommend Carol for organizations looking for a keynote speaker or training facilitator on holistic wellness." 

Brent Olson, Human Resource Manager


"Carol's class is exceptionally doable, believable, awesome, and an absolute great training to help with stress!" TB   Prince Albert, SK, Canada


"Carol of very mindful of purpose and need; her workshops are relaxed and informative.  I will continue to attend future events."  JF  Oklahoma


Call or Email Carol to discuss your specific needs related to resilience, health and well-being for your group or organization.

Carol LaRue


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