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Meditating in Nature

Private and Group Retreats

Carol provides individualized private retreats on Grand Lake in Oklahoma at Turtlecove Treehouse and facilitates group retreats at various settings and facilities in the Midwest area.

Reset Retreat
Return to Balance through the Wisdom of Nature


Facilitated by Carol LaRue

March 23, 2024

(Spring Equinox)

Lendonwood Gardens, Grove, OK

9:00 a.m.- 12:30 p.m.

$45.00 per person

More information and Registration link:


"I came with no reserves left and had my cup filled with light, goodness, and understanding" 

Resilience from the Inside-Out

Chakra Wisdom as Medicine

Osage Forest of Peace

November 8-10, 2024

Click Here for More Information and Registration

Resilience is the result of one’s fierce awareness and energy management of body, mind, emotions and spirit. It gives us the ability to navigate through and bounce back from unexpected challenges, changes, and chaos in our life and the world, while remaining connected to our true self and holding steadfast in our purpose.

This weekend retreat experience will give you the opportunity to tune into the messages of your physical body and your energetic body- the chakras. The body’s energy centers, the chakras provide windows into our soul, often delivering psycho-emotional messages through the physical body in the form of pain, illness, and disease – particularly in times of stress and changing life circumstances. Caring for your chakras and your energy body provides powerful medicine for your entire being and your lifelong resilience- personally, relationally, and professionally.

Immersed in the healing and balancing properties of nature and the animal kingdom, we will move, meditate, and awaken the energetic grace within, while consciously nurturing seven essential dimensions of well-being—all fortifying resilience for the long-term!

"I loved Carol's clear, inviting, and interactive approach to experiencing chakra energy.  There were so many engaging activities that brought a full, well-rounded experience and introduction to the power and wisdom of the chakras.  Thank you so much!"  RC

"Carol offers a safe and fun environment in which to learn about the energy of the body through the chakras - whether they are blocked, and if so, ways to unblock.  She is full of fun and energy and her positivity and caring presence is refreshing. I learned many self care tips and enjoyed the retreat very much."  MH

Private Retreats at Turtlecove Treehouse, Grand Lake

Self-care sometimes is best achieved by taking some quiet, peaceful, and reflective time just for you.  Turtlecove Treehouse on Grand Lake is the perfect spot for nurturing body, mind, and spirit.  Combine 'me' time with individualized coaching in whatever combination works best for you.  Contact Carol to discuss your needs and develop your unique personal retreat plan.

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