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Meditating in Nature

Private and Group Retreats

Carol provides individualized private retreats on Grand Lake in Oklahoma at Turtlecove Treehouse and schedules group retreats at various settings and facilities in the Midwest area.

Chakra Wisdom-Accessing Ancient Portals of Resilience for the Changing World

"I loved Carol's clear, inviting, and interactive approach to experiencing chakra energy.  There were so many engaging activities that brought a full, well-rounded experience and introduction to the power and wisdom of the chakras.  Thank you so much!"  RC

"I came with no reserves left and had my cup filled with light, goodness, and understanding" 


Facilitated by Carol LaRue
November 4-6, 2022

Friday 4:00 p.m. through Sunday 2:00 p.m.
Osage Forest of Peace Retreat Center

Sand Springs, OK

Bede Building

The past 2-3 years have brought us face to face with unprecedented changes and chaos in the world around us.  While standing on shifting ground and navigating unchartered territory, our body’s energy centers have been ‘dancing’ to a new tune, sending us wisdom messages in search of balance and resilience. What have you been hearing and feeling in your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies? 

This weekend retreat experience will guide you into greater understanding of the inner wisdom of the chakras-your body’s energy centers- and their guidance for living resiliently in the midst of change.  Providing windows into our soul, the chakras often provide psycho-emotional messages through the physical body- through pain, illness, and disease- particularly in times of stress and changing life circumstances. 

We will join with the healing and balancing properties of nature and the animal kingdom to align with the spiritual synchrony of the chakras and our natural resilience.  We will move, meditate and awaken the energetic grace within, while consciously nurturing seven essential dimensions of well-being- all fortifying resilience for the long-term!       MORE INFORMATION AND REGISTRATION HERE    or 

Call Carol for more information 913.341.6607

Private Retreat at Turtlecove Treehouse, Grand Lake

If you are needing a get away to recharge and renew for more resilient living, this spot on Grand Lake is perfect!  Your time is completely yours, with consultation and coaching with Carol upon your requested need.  The peaceful, quiet, natural environment provides just the setting to get back in touch with YOU.

Call or email Carol to discuss your needs and schedule.


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