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Growing into Mindfulness for Schools

Growing into Mindfulness is a set of school-based mindfulness training and facilitation services providing teachers, staff, and students the skills they need for effective management of stress and anxiety while increasing connection and effectiveness in the classroom and at home.  Mindfulness is the practice of ‘present moment awareness’ achieved by focusing on the breath, body movement, and senses, and benefits, students, teachers, and parents.

Growing into Mindfulness

Creating resilient schools from the inside-out.

WHY Mindfulness?  We all want our students to:

  • Be able to self-regulate, manage big emotions, and focus attention on learning

  • Engage in expected behavior and be socially responsible and uplifting

  • Know how to manage their stress and anxiety

  • Perform at school to the best of their potential

  • Live happy and healthy lives with life-long practices of self-empowerment and self-control.

HOW:  Growing into Mindfulness training is designed to create self-sustaining school- based programs through:

  • Train the trainers- key school personnel (counselors, teachers, aides, paras, mental health therapists)

  • Develop and provide curriculum for classroom practices and weekly ‘Kids Clubs’

  • Professional Development programs for teachers in personal and simple classroom practices

  • Individual and group teacher and staff coaching and support in stress care

  • In-person and video training for parents, teachers, and classroom ‘brain breaks’

  • On-going coordination, consultation, and training as needed for continuity.

Call or email Carol LaRue for more information and to discuss your needs.


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