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Autumn's Call to Return to Balance

It has been a long, hot, summer in my 'neck of the woods'- with Mother

Earth on fire and screaming for some tender care. Even though many of us have experienced 'cabin fever' while avoiding the heat, the Autumn Equinox- September 23rd- beckons us to turn yet more inward and reflective as the days become shorter and the nights become longer. This cycle of the seasons provides a portal to a more inward spiral, in which we are being made ready to let go, to release and unburden ourselves from the heaviness and density of old practices, habits, beliefs, and relationships that may no longer support and serve our best self and the higher good of all. Just as we witness nature prepare for her return to the 'underworld' giving focus back to her roots- so too should we prepare ourselves to embrace the tending of our foundation and roots. Now is the time for gratitude, inward reflection, and to ground yourself in practices that strengthen your resilience. Nature provides the perfect guide through the elements of: EARTH- Where in my life do I need to slow down, settle, and be more present? WATER- Where in my life do I need more flow and adaptation to change? FIRE- Where in my life do I need to infuse more energy and action- perhaps to create positive change? AIR- Where in my life do I need to lighten up and breathe more deeply? ________________________ This seasonal shift is the perfect time to light a candle, grab your journal, and reflect on the following:

  • GRATITUDE: I am most grateful so far this year for…

  • BALANCE of ENERGY and ATTENTION: Where does my life feel most out of balance? Work? Play? Self-care time? Family time?

  • YIN/YANG: How do I allow myself to receive time and attention as much as I give time and attention to others?

  • RELATIONSHIPS: Where or with whom do I feel well connected? How do I feel isolated?

  • LETTING GO: What ‘cluttering or toxic’ activities, commitments, beliefs, habits, or relationships am I willing to let go of to make space for my ‘best self’?

  • DESIRES/NEEDS: Is there any part of my life that feels a ‘void’ or emptiness of meaningful engagement? What do I most long for?


Are there adequate spaces in my daily routine and commitments to allow for quality ‘me’ time? Do I know what ‘quality me’ time is, and how often do I engage in it? In what ways can I step back, slow down and create more joy and meaning in my energy expenditure?

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