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Nurturing Support from the Inside-Out

It took a nasty bout with sciatica a couple of months ago for me to pay attention to my core strength and level of 'self -support' within by body. My 'wake up' came in the form of intolerable body discomfort in my left hip and leg, awakening me to take renewed responsibility and mindfully focus my attention on increasing the resilience, comfort, and ease of my body, mind, and spirit!

In these crazy times of rapid change, climate related stresses and disasters, work and family demands, political fiascos and finger pointing, it doesn't take much to feel rattled, unstable, and unsupported- shaking us further and further away from our core beliefs, key relationships, and most meaningful endeavors.

Additionally, our society tends to nurture a more sedentary lifestyle- between sitting at a desk and computer, to mindlessly scrolling through social media apps, to being too mentally exhausted to consciously create time and space for ourselves- for self-care through movement, meditation, reflection, fun, rest, or journal writing. There is the time- when you look for it.

So, the last 2 months I have created and taken the time to give daily attention to fortifying my core, both physically and energetically- encompassing the sacral chakra (hips and lower belly), the solar plexus chakra (abdominals and mid belly), and the heart chakra (chest and shoulder girdle)- and what a positive difference it has made on many levels. I feel stronger now (as I move into yet another decade of life), than I have in a long time!

Physically, my spine and back have become more aligned, stable, strong, and flexible. The specifically chosen yoga, pilates, walking, and resistance exercises have also activated my 'core' chakras, giving me an energetic boost psycho-emotionally on many levels.

Here's what it boils down to...there is inherent holistic value in giving attention to and strengthening your core-in whatever ways feel good to you, and that you are willing to sustain.

Combining conscious use of breath with movement and awareness of the center of your body is a powerful form of building resilience through mindfulness. This is the only body you will have during your lifetime.

NOW is the only moment that never ends. Now is the most important activity. Why not NOW?


Caring for the Core of YOUR Being

Start with simple awareness of standing, sitting, and walking with an upright spine- like there is a string pulling the top of your head up toward the ceiling. Draw your belly button inward toward the your spine- hold and/or do this repetitively throughout the day.

  • Sacral Chakra -How are you adapting to personal, professional, and worldly changes? Are you allowing the ebb and flow of emotions, challenges, and changing situations to move through you with ease and trusting - in whatever beliefs you hold- that you will always be supported? Try bridge pose with leg lifts, lunge, downward facing dog.

  • Solar Plexus Chakra- How are you taking full responsibility for your own health, happiness, and financial security? What is your level of confidence and willingness to be visible in expressing and sharing your gifts and talents? Try forward, side planks, or extended plank, bridge pose, seated twist, swimming, cat/cow.

  • Heart Chakra- How are you reaching out to others and your SELF from a strong, resilient place of love, compassion, and forgiveness? Are you surrounding yourself with relationships that support and bring out the best in you? Try planks, downward facing dog, upper body resistance with bands or weights, spread the wings.

Love your body- Feel the movement with appreciation and awareness.

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