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Full Life or Busy Life?

Here we are, just past the Autumn Equinox- a balance of day and night- and a reminder to check in with our own balance. How are you feeling about the balance in your life? We all have the same 24 hours in a day. So why is it that some people simply don’t have, or can't find time for certain requests, activities, self-care, or people- while others can say "yes" with ease or offer a graceful "no, thank you?" Sometimes there a delicate line between having a life of "busyness" and a life of “fullness". How do you know the difference- and does it really matter? When life feels really busy we are often hurrying quickly between commitments, often so caught up in our "doing" that we experience little or no satisfaction or deep connection to the activities in which we are investing our precious time and energy. Busyness often leaves one feeling depleted at the end of the day with little or no time left for re-charging or self-care. A full life, on the other hand, usually involves engagement in activities that provide meaning, personal growth and expansion, joy, gratification, purpose and connection. A full life somehow gives us permission to say "No" and set boundaries in our commitments and doing if necessary. A full life can still leave open spaces for stillness, self-care and "unplugging" from the chaos when necessary. Personally, I know I have "crossed the line" between full and busy when I have to hurry to make it to appointments or commitments. It literally hurts me to hurry and feels like a push! Often, if you find yourself saying “I don’t have time” (to plan meals, meditate, exercise, spend quality time with loved ones, clean out clutter, take some quiet time etc.) it is an indication that it has not been made a priority or does not hold meaning for you. In what way can you transform your “busyness” into fullness? Start with taking time to observe and assess how you feel about your choices of spending your precious time and energy.

  • Take an honest look at how your spend your time each day. What are your "time-wasters"?

  • Notice and rate your energy level on a scale of 0-10 when engaged in activities or commitments. "10" being "Wow I love this or these people!" and "0" being "Get me out of here now!" (Suggestion....find more 7-10 activities and fewer 0-5 commitments.)

  • How much time do you spend mindlessly scrolling and surfing the internet, checking social media, watching TV programs of little or no stimulation or interest?

  • Next time you schedule an appointment or activity, ask yourself "why" am I committing time to this? How is this meaningful to me? How will I learn, grow, or serve in meaningful ways from this engagement? Will I truly enjoy this?

  • Do you say "yes" to time commitments because you "want to" or feel like you "have to"? Big difference! Seek the feeling of being 'pulled' gently into a commitment rather that being 'pushed' or pushing yourself to engage.

  • What people or activities do you ENJOY? How can you dedicate more time and energy to them? What do you need to give up or let go of to create more space for enjoyment?

  • And most importantly-are you scheduling time for your SELF-even 15 minutes of conscious "me time" each day? How can you claim that time for you? Why are you not as important as other people or activities? You know my mantra...self- love and self-care is not selfish.

Consciously creating and taking time to make changes in your life, and move from "busyness" to "fullness" can have a profoundly positive effect on how you feel - physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Remember, we are human BEINGS....not human DOINGS! BEING is about being true to you and seeking meaning and purpose in all you do. The upcoming dark moon on the 25th and new moon on the 26th is the perfect time to set your intentions for replacing busyness with fullness-all in synchronicity with nature's rhythms!

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