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Hidden Gems of Self-Knowledge

I certainly don't want to give you more to do. However, if you haven't done so lately- take some time to clean out your closets, drawers and files! That was a big project for me this past week, and one I had been putting off for quite sometime. But lately it has been coming through loud and clear that I must clear out the 'old' as I move into a fresh stage of life and priorities. In the process, however, I have found valuable 'pieces of my self' that I had buried over the years- yet the pieces still ring true and bring me pleasure. For example, I re-discovered a colorful and beautiful patchwork silk skirt that I haven't worn in years, because it never quite felt like it 'fit' here in rural, blue jean clad Oklahoma. But the thing is still a 'fit' for me! I love wearing skirts and I love wearing color. The colors and patterns reflect back to me and remind me of my core belief in the beautiful tapestry of our individual selves and humanity as a whole- the richness of variety, experiences, differences in colors, cultures, 'patterns' in lifestyles, beliefs and practices-all an amazing creation. This outward symbol of a forgotten skirt reminded me of my femininity, and my inward commitment and message of mindfulness, love and service to the whole 'patchwork' of lives within my circle of influence. It reminded me of a core piece of my 'WHY'. WHY I commit time and energy to what I do, WHY my writing, speaking, group facilitation and trainings are meaningful and fulfilling to me-and hopefully making a difference in people's lives. The other gem I uncovered while cleaning out files was a document of an interview I gave about a retreat I was facilitating 15 years ago. Here is a excerpt, which still rings true for me, and a clear reminder of WHY I incorporate movement in all of my teachings:

" Movement is my guide. What movement has taught me is that in life we can get stuck out of fear during crisis- and being stuck greatly contributes to our pain and suffering. Our body can be the doorway to begin the movement we need to begin to grieve, heal, adapt, and change. Movement is a powerful teacher if we listen to our bodies and listen to our soul's grief and joys. I believe the body is a sacred vessel for our soul growth here on earth. Through mindful movement we access the body's language, and through that comes healing or 'medicine' for our mind, body, emotions, and spirit." So, if you are interested in mindfully finding some hidden gems of self-awareness and knowledge, here are some suggestions:

  • Commit to and engage in de-cluttering your space, your files, your pictures etc. Listen to how your body/mind feels as you look, hold, and remember. If there is still deep meaning and joy...hang on to it, look at it, touch it, and use or wear it! If not...let it go and create space for renewal.

  • Take time to reflect on your 'WHY'. Why do you get up out of bed each day and what hope or purpose runs through your heart and mind? Are you listening and following the guidance of your soul?

  • Notice the people, objects and experiences you surround your self to support you in your WHY. Are you surrounding your self with people that bring out the best in you?

  • Pay attention to your habits, and daily rituals or practices. What do you engage in that feeds and nurtures you with meaning, purpose and fulfillment?

Happy Clearing and Uncovering!

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