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Keep Growing! Resilience is More than Being 'Strong'

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

July 11, 2022

Let me introduce my new logo! I am so excited, because every aspect of this design symbolizes mindful and meaningful dimensions of our being and necessities for vibrant self-health. Equating resilience with only being 'strong' can indeed be exhausting! Resilience- like the long life of a mighty oak tree- is so much more. So, let's start with understanding the tree and what it teaches us about resilience. The TREE Like the tree, it is important that we allow our self to be rooted and grounded in the moment. Our roots can give us necessary feelings of safety and belonging, while soaking up nourishment from the earth and our surroundings. Mindfulness is rooted in embodiment- connecting with our body. Embody the roots. Take time throughout each day to feel your feet rooted on the ground, here and now, in the moment.

  • Our trunk is our outward body of strength visible to the world. While strong, it is also flexible with the ability to withstand ample amounts of adversity without breaking. Embody the trunk. While keeping your feet planted, feel your body's trunk- or spine- and find ease in gently swaying all directions while staying planted here and now.

  • The limbs represent our outreach- our arms reaching out from our heart center to touch, embrace, and connect with the vast diversity of humanity. Through our words and actions, we 'leaf out' in various forms of expression- sizes, shapes and colors- to touch and influence our world. Embody the limbs and the leaves. Spread your arms and fingers wide and imagine the kind and loving expansion of your 'touch' to those individuals and groups in your circle of influence. Like the leaves, we all grow, change and die to the old throughout our lifetime- only to constantly regenerate and renew.

The TURTLE The turtle is the such a perfect example of resilience, providing us with wisdom of value through the ages, such as:

  • Slow down

  • Be patient

  • Adapt to change

  • Be willing to stick your neck out

  • Always be at home within yourself

Basically, ADAPTATION is the key to resilience. Yes, sometimes we need to hold our ground and be strong. Yet our bodies are comprised of 80% water-and like water, our ability to move and change with the changing tides of life is a key component to resilience and longevity without becoming exhausted and 'breaking' down. The CIRCLE The creation of LifeCentrics was founded on the belief that while we are each whole on our own account, our growth and movement into our fullest expression will always remain fluid with an inter-dependency on our fellow humans to become our best selves. __________________________________________________ We are never too young or old to embody and benefit from the presence, connection, and resilience that nature presents to us every day. We need the trees and the trees need us! We breathe life into each other. Get outside into a natural environment whenever possible. See. Breathe. Smell. Listen. Pause in the sanctity of NOW.

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